Saturday, May 18, 2013

Why a Book Blog?

Because my publisher said so.

I've been blogging, Tweeting, FBing and MySpacing for years, but she told me to focus on my book's messages. While I'm getting this book born, I need to look down the road and consider its future.

Therefore, let's talk about Grandma. I spent some time with her today. I love to get her 98-year-old point of view on things, and learn tidbits of family history. After all, she has seen everything. She is an absolute treasure, not only in terms of history, but in familial history. She remembers her own grandparents, who pioneered this area, and has shared those stories with me since I was old enough to listen. She always impressed upon me the importance of personal background. Remember whom you are.

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Thursday, May 2, 2013


"Where do you get all the ideas from?" he asked me. It's like yoga.

When I started writing again, I couldn't sit still for fifteen minutes and stretch my word count out to two hundred.

"...and, or, and..."

Now, if I'm not careful, I'm picking up another thousand words every twenty minutes or so, and my characters are developing family members and hobbies they had always wanted to explore, but never quite found the time, due to their demanding careers and responsibilities as civil leaders.

Creativity is like yoga. The more you stretch, the further you can.

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