Sunday, March 9, 2014

Board of Directors

Your Board of Directors. The list of individuals in your life whom you would call together in time of crisis or celebration, to make a decision or plan a party. Who are they? Who shows up on Moving Day and stands in your front yard, willing to send you off to places unknown, and will take you back into their arms and kitchen tables again, whenever you come home?

This week I was blessed to touch base with my Board of Directors, and now, as I breathe in the breezes of spring, and know the trees are budding and the ice will no longer be a fear factor, I am feeling immeasurably blessed. We have made it. We have survived. I feel like I've been sweating it out in a conference room surrounded by ten-foot snowbanks.

Another book is nearing completion, after several years of work and worry, my own cross-country move, and I believe in this character. I almost put her away this week, because I was at a sticking point. No, one of my directors said. She's a role model. She needs to be read. I like her, as a person.

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