Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Counting sheep and words

Personally, I feel if I'm going to write, I should be writing the book, and if I'm going to type, I should be typing form the stacks of notes I've written FOR the book. But I digress. Allow me to say, Once I get myself disciplined enough to sit still for 30 minutes, there's a WHOLE BUNCH of story development that has gone on, longhand. And I have several yellow legal pads and lunchtimes to thank for this revelry and literary abandon. My characters are real to me, and I have been gushing about them to anyone who will listen (thanks for that), and they are living, breathing and experiencing real-to-life moments and backstories. I have beautiful editors and a patient designer ready to rock. I think this will be good. Now to type it in.

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Getting old, probably. A little irritated with tech, maybe, but not really. But 56,000 words into Book 3 and I opened my Word doc tonight to a text doc that would not look normal. Why? WHYYYYY? And HOW can I blame Millennials?