Saturday, December 31, 2016


Mia dropped Rae and the baby off at her house and swung by the hospital parking lot to deliver a form for a class. She had to turn it in to the administrator's desk at the nursing school next door to the hospital. This will all be very convenient, Mia thought, in the long run. Her whole life was within a 5-block radius. She was really pretty pleased with herself. This was at least two days early. She never turned in something a day early in undergrad. As she glided between the automatic sliding glass doors, Mia caught the first notes of a breaking news bulletin from the waiting room to the right of the entry. She couldn't help herself. Like a moth to the flame, she was drawn toward the soft green and gray walls, as the nervous anchor stumbled over hastily written copy. "The U.S. began retaliation today against Russia..."