Monday, August 5, 2013

Friends in the Right Places

"There," Dustin said. "Now you are ten thousand copies ahead of where you thought you'd be."

I'd better get that book published and get the amazon link on, thought I. TEN Gs???? I am hoping for five hundred. If I hit five hundred books sold, I can roll the profit into Book Two. Book Two is really pretty darned good. You don't want to miss Book Two.

Oh, and Book Three. Ah. I started Book Three the other night. I kept writing Chapter Two until I cried. You'll like that one. I'm fighting the urge to type smilies and heart emoticons here. Book Three is full of joy and pain.

Book Four is... well, you'll have to wait and see. It's special and a long time coming. Book Five is for the kiddos. Book Six is on the Dark Side. Oh, yeeeaaah.

The other night, I was talking to a friend, and the idea for Book Ten hit me. I need to get moved into my condo, with the quiet office, so I have somewhere to hang my storyboards.

At any rate, thanks to the Great Plains Examiner and their treatment of my profile, I'm now way ahead of where I thought I'd be, in terms of publicity.  KFYR is giving me all kinds of love in the promotion department. I'm so blessed to have Media Gypsy in my blood.

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