Sunday, June 28, 2020

The Crown Virus

I've been reading about and watching videos made of the Spanish Flue Pandemic of 1918-1920. How on earth did they get by that? With no modern medicine or social media? If one member was ill, whole families were dead in a day. Mass graves were dug. People were buried wrapped in the sheets they died on. We now relate so closely to these times. Some of us have lived through similar moments, and we're wearing masks. We're not going anywhere without our hand sanitizer. We can meet with our doctors via telemedicine, or Facetime. Most of the dead had "underlying conditions" and were elderly in nursing homes. As one of those with "underlying conditions," I've been something of a germaphobe since my East Coast internship in college. The rest of the world is just catching up. But, hopefully, now that the World Health Organization has put out a video on how to wash our hands, the planet will start doing it. A dot of alcohol rubbed on one's hands is not enough. So what have we learned? Three days' of groceries in the kitchen is not enough. It's better to be ready for emergencies, to help out our neighbors if they need to borrow two eggs, and a long spring. Puzzles. Because yes, that woman fed her husband to the tiger. Now start creating something useful. Rest. God created rest on the Seventh Day. We are allowed to take a nap. So we can focus on the puzzle better later, because it has a lot of sky or sea pieces. Live life.