Sunday, July 27, 2014

We sure can't do it alone.

Why would we even try?

I mean, granted, the late nights of writing? Those have to be done alone. Someone brings me treats every once in a while. Someone shows up to take me to dinner or bring me coffee. These are the perks of having people in your life whom you love and who love you in return. They also want to make sure I am still alive.

My main character was broken-hearted, and took off on a train on an adventure, just to see what's out there. Nothing would ever change for her if she'd stayed where she was. She took a chance. She was a smart girl, too, don't get me wrong. She didn't go off lounging in speakeasies all the way up and down the coast or anything.

It is a story about independence and community, about friends who become family, and about growing up.

Tonight, I am brave enough to check the amazon rank. Gratefulness overtakes me and I can barely breathe. I am one blessed lady. Something About Sophia is sitting at #63,000 of more than a million books. I don't have numbers on Nowhere, Everywhere yet.

If this all disappeared tomorrow, it would have been enough.

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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Nowhere, Everywhere


For four years, I thought this book would be entitled Nowhere "and" Everywhere: A Good Place to be From."

It turns out, that gets to be a little wordy in an elevator speech over sushi. Let's just ditch the colon and add a comma. After all, we all like the comma. We're hoping this book brings me a comma.

Comma, comma, comma, comma, comma, come heal me, yeah...

ANNND... I am furiously tap-tap-tapping away again, because, somehow, I can't stop. I have more thoughts than you'd think. It's not really just that. The true story is that I started a project fourteen and three-quarters years ago, and I should be able to finish it by my fifteenth brainaversary. I've had a lot of encouragement through the years. We've got a lot going on.

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