Wednesday, September 25, 2013


I have a book!

Four years ago, I sipped coffee in Tammy's living room and pondered the writing of a novel.

Three years ago, I moved across the country to spend time at the location where said novel would have taken place.

Six months ago, I mailed the manuscript to the publisher.

Since then, it has been a fairly constant existence on my fingertips, as I awaited the package that came to me this week.

It's my proof copy. Hundreds more will come soon, but a friend called me the other night to tell me he'd bought it off amazon. I told him that wasn't possible. Then I pulled up the site, and there it was, in front of God and everybody. It was out of stock in a day. My copies may not be here in time for the signing. I am dizzy and shocked by all of this love around me. I feel entirely blessed and in the palm of God's hand.

My program director from New Jersey called me before sunrise to do a story on the sellout. Of their own free will, I have friends doing PR in ND, NJ, NY, TX, UT and CA. I can't even put into words what Sophia has become. I just hope they like the story. Meanwhile, I am finishing up the next book.

I think I will take a train ride. I am going to figure out what this all means.