Friday, October 14, 2022

Blue Willow

At a time in my life after a documented, critical medical miracle, I was the porcelain doll of everyone around me. My friends, cowrkers and church family handled me with great care. Two British army wives from the chapel took me to lunch at a British tearoom outside the city, where they served scones, cream and jam, and poured tea into Blue Willow porcelain cups. I fell in love with the #lovestory. "A boy and a girl were in love, but their families didn't want them to be together. They met at the middle of the bridge at midnight, and turned into doves. They flew away so they could be together forever. i've been collecting Bluewillow china pieces for 20 years. I've received boxes as generous gifts, and I've found pieces in antique stores. Last week, a friend moved his china cabinet to my dining room. My blue willow has a home. #bluewillow #usethegooddishes

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